Check out the Local Wishlist items on the Local Travellers site.  Armstrong Textiles has featured its best-selling pieces this fall, our signature BARK Scarf and the Cropped Poncho.

This fall, after showing at the NYNOW Show in August, Lesley was busy filling store orders.  The Hattersley Domestic loom was chugging along with the usual little bumps and idiosyncricies that come with a 70-year old loom.  With help from our wonderful friend and mechanic, Didier, long-suffering husband John, and myself doing some jurying-rigging here and there, the Hattersley loom reigns victorious. Didier is convinced that we can get the older, second Hattersley Domestic Loom (foot-pedal-powered) and the accompanying winder up and running.  Stay tuned for that video!  Now with just re-orders coming in but life is back to normal now.

The summer of 2017 will see LaHave Textile Workshops start up again! From 2002-2004 LaHave Weaving Workshops were held in the wonderful and charming LaHave Bakery--well worth a visit! Now that we have permanently moved to the LaHave River area, Lesley is thrilled to be planning workshops again, this time in a different location. Lesley will offer introductory/refresher and more advanced levels of weaving workshops, as well as specific project workshops (such as "Weave a Rag Rug" and "Weave a Throw"). From time to time, visiting teachers will be conducting additional workshops in other textile areas. Please watch here for the announcement of the new location and the 2017 LaHave Textile Workshop schedule.  Email  Lesley and ask to be notified when the 2017 schedule comes out.