Telus Tower Draperies


In 2008, Armstrong Textiles was awarded a contract to weave, fabricate, and install draperies in the Hosting Centre of the new 32-storey Telus Tower, 25 York Street, Toronto. Several hundred meters of highly –textured, white, semi-transparent fabric draperies were woven and installed in May 2010.

Sweeny Sterling Finlayson & Co. and Adamson Associate Architects specified a richly-textured fabric drapery for the walls and high windows of the Telus Hosting Center. The Telus Tower was designed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design core and shell gold standards. The building features many green initiatives, including 11-foot high, high-performance windows, daylight harvesting, rain-water capture for use in the building, a lake cooling system, and occupancy sensors for the lights.

The "White Twig" draperies are complemented by the large "White String" round lamps and minimalist moulded white chairs with small, white marble tables.

In the summer of 2010, Armstrong Textiles produced similar, but denser draperies for the Telus Innovation Centre, located at the other end of the mezzanine level of the tower. This installation was completed early in 2011.

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