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Men's Apparel


Alpaca and/or alpaca/merino wool blend
Size: Small (30"-32") (76cm.-81cm.)
Medium (34"-36") (86cm.-91cm.)
Large (38"-40") (97cm.-102cm.)

You know what they say about a man in a kilt?! "A man in a kilt is a man and a half!" So it is with our new MAN SKIRT Series constructed from Armstrong Textiles own woven fabrics. Each skirt is a truly "one-of-a-kind" creation with soft supple alpaca and merino that has been felted for durability. Various fabrics, all colour co-ordinated, are designed to make the skirt a dynamic integrated whole, often incorporating the overlapping front section in a stunning open fretwork design. Both the front and back are equally interesting to look at. The texture and spaces in the fabric create visual interest and show a hint of leg. Hand-sewn leather buckles, lined in the upper half for strength and fit, and with or without the fringed hem. Dry clean only.

It is very fitting that the fabric woven for the MAN SKIRT Series in the Armstrong Textiles workshop is woven on a vintage Hattersley loom once used to weave the iconic Harris Tweed in Scotland. The vintage looms were discarded for newer models and one of the original Domestic Hattersley looms is now resurrected in our workshop in Nova Scotia (New Scotland), offering a new interpretation to a centuries-old piece of Scottish men's apparel, the kilt. Stay tuned for our one-of-a-kind SPORRANS! Contact Lesley .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to discuss colours, sizes, styles, and prices.

Colours may vary slighly due to differences in monitors.