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Spring 2020

Spring is on the horizon!  Two little trips, one cross-country skiing in the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec for 3 days and I hope to make it to New York this spring to see the exhibition,Taking Thread for a Walk, at MOMA.  Anni Albers wrote in 1965, “Just as it is possible to go from any place to any other, so also, starting from a defined and specialized field, can one arrive at a realization of ever-extending relationships . . . traced back to the event of a thread.”

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@Number10cat @Cove17 It looks as though Larry is using his tail as a propeller!

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Algorithmic Lace Weaves 16th Craft with 21st Technology… via @designmilk

Lotsa water this week. In days gone by would the water wheel keep turning with this amount of water?……